APX Group become a main investor for a tech-blockchain Madfish company

ML Management Corp, an affiliate company of APX Group and one of its principal shareholders, has announced today a tech-blockch...
November 22, 2023

Crypto Wallet Showdown: Custodial vs. Non-Custodial – Pros and Cons

When it comes to cryptocurrencies one of the choices you'll have to make is selecting the right wallet, for storing and managin...
September 7, 2023

Discover Tezos NFTs and Stand a Chance to win an NFT from the famous artist Mario Klingemann

Developer of popular open-source projects on Tezos MadFish has launched a massive contest for the NFT community in collaboratio...
November 24, 2022

QuipuSwap and Allbridge Launch a Cross-Chain Bridge Between Tezos and 15 Other Blockchains

Thanks to this solution, users from other chains are able to receive access to all the benefits and hidden gems created on the ...
November 10, 2022

The List: Top 12 the Tezos Yield Farming projects

From this articles you will know about the best Farming projects on Tezos.
July 16, 2021

3 Most Popular Vaults in Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem

additional benefits depending on the chosen blockchain. For instance, if you use a Binance Smart Chain vault, you can not only ...
April 24, 2021

Official Launch: QuipuSwap – UniSwap like DEX one the Tezos blockchain

The Madfish team has announced the QuipuSwap DEX launch. This open-source AMM protocol provides an interfac...
March 31, 2021

What Is Binance Smart Chain? What You Need To Know About This Blockchain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) appeared as a result of Binance’s innovative approach aimed to ensure interoperability and programmab...
March 27, 2021

What Is the Huobi ECO Chain? Main DeFi Projects in HECO

The history of Huobi goes back to 2013 when Leon Li, who was an engineer at Oracle, created Huobi Global Exchange, a Chinese vi...
March 7, 2021

7 Most Popular Tezos Wallets in 2021

Read about the most popular wallets for the Tezos Blockchain: main advantages and disadvantages, unique features, usage cases.
February 17, 2021