Discover Tezos NFTs and Stand a Chance to win an NFT from the famous artist Mario Klingemann

Discover Tezos NFTs and Stand a Chance to win an NFT from the famous artist Mario Klingemann

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November 24, 2022 by Leo Webb
Developer of popular open-source projects on Tezos MadFish has launched a massive contest for the NFT community in collaboration with famous artist Mario Klingemann.
Tezos NFT

What is Tezos in the Eyes of the NFT Community?

Tezos is a popular blockchain among NFT fans. Some interesting facts about the NFT live on Tezos are: 

  • Tezos NFT market monthly volume exceeds $10m;
  • Minting an NFT on Tezos costs around $0.1
  • Many famous people, celebrities, and brands choose Tezos as a place for their NFT collection. Some of them are: Mike Shinoda, Ziggy Marley, Doja Cat.
  • The whole NFT community on Tezos is more than 150.000 regular participants;
  • More than 40 marketplaces and 50 tools are available for the NFT community on Tezos.

To accelerate Tezos development and welcome new people to Tezos NFT space, MadFish and Mario Klingemann jointly launched an event where every user can receive NFT artwork valued not only on marketplaces but also by the art community worldwide.
From 22 November to 22 December 2022, each user who bridged assets from the BNB chain or Polygon to Tnezos and bought any NFT on Tezos marketplaces gets a chance to win one of the 75 artworks from Mario Klingemann.

Mario Klingemann, aka Quasimondo, is an artist who has won numerous awards. His work is presented in ONKAOS and DAM Gallery Berlin, and his NFTs were sold for dozens of thousands of TEZ on Tezos marketplaces.

How to participate?

  1. Bridge at least $200 in BUSD(BNB Chain), USDC(Polygon), or ABR(any chain) to Tezos using Allbridge. You may change these tokens on some TEZ on Quipuswap DEX.
  2. Buy any Tezos NFT on the, or marketplaces.

No additional actions are required. You’ll be entered automatically after completion of all rules above. Information about winners will be published on official MadFish accounts on 23 December. Read more about Tezos, Mario Kligemann, and this event in the announcement.

About MadFish

Mad.Fish is the blockchain technology company that concentrates on developing open-source projects for the DeFi ecosystems. Temple wallet, QuipuSwap DEX, and Yupana lending protocol are some of their products. 

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