An innovative solution for mobile blockchains – MONET

It is hard to imagine modern society without mobile devices. People use them everywhere and devices have become a part of every...
July 3, 2018

Review of Airalab’s Robonomics project

Robots and the process of robotization is a controversial issue, and requires a basic understanding of relationships between hu...
June 25, 2018

Review of existing projects that help to create Decentralized organizations

DAO, or a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is an organization that intended to function without hierarchical management. ...
June 20, 2018

Do you want to code Smart Contracts? Which language is the best choice?

There are a large number of programming languages that are used to write smart contracts. These languages serve different ecosy...
June 20, 2018

Private and Public Blockchains What is the main difference?

Blockchain is an innovative technology that allows independent nodes to build a reliable network without trust. The key advanta...
June 20, 2018

How does Decentralized Data Storage work?

Nowadays humanity faces the problem of storing huge amounts of data, but at the same time needing to save this information as o...
June 19, 2018

What is DAG and how does it compete with blockchain?

Blockchain technology incorporates a new understanding of economic processes, and constitutes the structural rebuilding of soci...
May 30, 2018

The most popular consensus algorithms used in blockchains

One of the most significant characteristics of blockchain technology is its distributed nature. As a result, there is a serious...
May 30, 2018