Multifunctional car gadget: Disco-Mobile Auto-Charger TX-159

Multifunctional car gadget: Disco-Mobile Auto-Charger TX-159

November 27, 2020 by Leo Webb
Review of Disco-Mobile Auto-Charger:

With the up-rising automotive technology these days, you can make your ride safer, faster, funnier, and more enjoyable by using trendy car accessories. They can do anything from protecting certain things in your car, enhancing the performance to giving your car a modern style. Not just for a smart look and comfort but to emphasize the owner’s character – that’s how car gadgets work.

Actually, there are a lot of accessories available on the market that you can get for your vehicle. From the most sophisticated and complex technological solutions with exorbitant prices to those options that come for every pocket. Choosing the right one depends on your personal needs and purposes. Reasonably-priced cars do not require complicated devices, but rather easy-to-setup and use gadgets that do not occupy much space. 

Today we are going to review a recently arrived gadget from the German company Technaxx: Disco-Mobile Auto-Charger TX-159. The novelty definitely draws attention for some reasons. 

A Disco Charger TX-159 is primarily designed to do exactly what the name suggests – that is to charge a smartphone and other gadgets in a car all at the same time due to special 3 USB-sockets for 12V/24V car plugs. It has a cigarette lighter socket that is easy to install in your car and can be used as an extra charger in your car if you’ve got one. 

The main highlight of the gadget is light effects along with your favorite music. It’s getting really hard to keep your mood always positive in so unstable times. A lot of rules are causing depression symptoms. Getting up and doing the exact same thing day after day can be both exhausting and irritating, especially in the morning, when you’re waking up to this bizarre reality yet again. Remember, in before-quarantine times we all could easily go to the bars, night clubs, sports clubs and get rid of stress and anxiety. Now that it is impossible, there is a new way to start dancing at home.

Technaxx stand-alone disco light with sound recognition is perfect to create a party. This may be the main highlight of the TX-159. 3 LED colors (green, red, blue) change to the beat of the music that give fun and happiness. 

A good way to counter troubling Covid-19 times might be to try something new and creative. For instance, to go camping, or on walking tours, wild-nature trips. If you succeeded to get out of the home with your family in the people-free desolated places, like woods, such a cool gadget as a disco mobile charger can be very useful. You can start your party by turning on your favorite hits wherever located, therefore, to distract yourself from routine boring life and cheer up. The TX-159 gives a new user experience for both car, home indoor, and outdoor activities. This affordable multifunctional gadget not only helps to charge all the devices you need by your hand but to create a joyful mood anytime.

Technical specifications:

  • USB output power: DC 5V/2.1A
  • DC 9 V / 2 A
  • DC12 V / 1,5 A
  • USB-C output power DC 5V/2.1A
  • Battery / working time: 800mAh / appr. 4h
  • LED: 1W each (red, green, blue)
  • Weight / Dimension (with cigarette plug): 74g / (L) 47 x (W) 47 x (H) 80mm, (89g / (L) 47 x (W) 47 x (H) 137mm)

Currently, the TX-159 can be found on Amazon and in local stores in the countries where the residents live. For more details contact the manufacturer in Germany. 

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