Robonomics protocol will be developed for usage in new blockchains: EOS, Cardano, Tezos

Robonomics protocol will be developed for usage in new blockchains: EOS, Cardano, Tezos

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October 8, 2018 by Leo Webb
Press Release Aira is open source software that enables direct robot-to-robot and robot-to-human communication by creating a marketplace of robot liability contracts.

The main spheres of usage are:

  • Decentralized IoT Data Marketplace: Trade data, collected by IOT devices and sensors without intermediaries;
  • Drones: create decentralized markets of services provided by drones;
  • Industry 4.0: Direct communication between consumer and smart factories and among smart factories;
  • Trackable Supply Chain: Transparent history of goods and services;
  • Autonomous Service Providers: Robot-performed services in smart cities

Current status of the project:

In 2018 the Airalab team has released the infrastructure of in alpha on Ethereum mainnet. The main task that was solved by the alpha release was to launch a working protocol, which enables to create a decentralized applications for Industry 4.0. Some of the examples of working applications: Decentralized storage of the sensor data, water drone-ecolog, drone-employee.

Currently the project team is planning expand the capabilities of Robonomics Network and test Ethereum alternatives: EOS, Cardano, Tezos, Polkadot. Airalab invites developers of these networks to join the projects community and contribute to the adoption of Robonomics Networks for other blockchains. If you want to participate in adoption of Robonomics Networks to other Blockchains – contact the team via the Telegram chat.

About the company:

Airalab aims to develop the technology of blockchain and  its application in real life. Since 2014, the company has been developing open source solutions for Industry 4.0, in particular the decentralized protocol – Robonomics Networks, which allows direct human-robot, robot-robot communication.

Learn more about the project on the website. Join communities of Airalab in social networks – Telegram, Twitter, Medium. Official github repository is here.

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